What if someone told you the oldest tree on earth was 5,000 years old? Do you think it is true?

The earth is covered in trees, and many of them are still alive even after hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters!

Areas such as California and New York have forests full of trees or sometimes just one single tree that has stood the test of time!

This is a Redwood tree! (left)

  • They thrive in moist, humid climates of Northern California where the marine fog is thick!
  • Redwood trees can stand  up to almost 400 feet tall and live up to 2,000 years.
  • The protective bark of the tree is almost 1 ft thick!

Characteristics like these have allowed for the Redwood to lived  through all the natural disasters that occur and destroy so many other types of plant life!

Many times Redwood trees are confused with Sequoias trees, which are also from California but are a different species and live in Southern California where there are many mountains.

Sequoia trees stand only 311 feet but are considered the largest tree in the world because of their weight. The biggest Sequoia weighs 207 million pounds and is only 275 feet tall.

This Sequoia tree is so large, they were able to cut out part of the insides and you can drive or walk through it!

This tree is a Callery Pear tree, it is also known as the “Survivor Tree.”

The Survivor Tree was the only tree left after an attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2002.

Watch the video to learn more! Click to expand video!

It is important to learn about how to care and respect nature because many things in nature have outlived us by many years.

It is also important to find plants and trees that you know will survive the environment they are in when you are creating a landscape of your own.


Call your local Parks and Recreation Department or Agricultural Extension office and find out what kind of trees would grow good in your area. Find out if there are any trees in your area that are older than you and where they are located.

Take a trip to see the tree or share the information you learned with friends and family!