See the Color Change

photo 4

This activity is a visual representation of how plants take in nutrients. By adding food coloring to water, students can view where nutrients in water actually help the flower sustain life. Try this fun experiment with your students!

Materials Used:

4 carnations (optional replacement – celery or lettuce)

4 clear plastic cups

food coloring


Step One: Gather your materials.

photo 1

Step Two: Fill each cup with water about 3/4 full.

photo 2

Step Three: Drop 8 drops of the same color food coloring in each cup.

photo 3

Step Four: Cut the carnation stems (this allows for more absorption) and place one in each cup. If you would like to see two colors present in the flower, then split the stem and place each half in a different color.

photo 1

Step Five: Place your cups in a safe location at room temperature and monitor them after about an hour.

photo 2

Step Six: Wait a day to see the results!

photo 5

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