Wonderful Smells and Jingle Bells

Sugar Scrub


This holiday season, implement the senses into your gifts! This smelling sugar scrub activity incorporates smell and touch into a service project. The ingredients are inexpensive and it is easy to make. The one featured smells of peppermint for the season!


Sugar, Skin Care Oil (grocery stores), Your Favorite Essential Oil, Food Coloring, Decor for the Jar (optional)


Spoon, Mixing Bowl, Mason Jars

smells with words

Detailed Instructions:

Step Two – Use 8 squirts of oil

Step Three – Use 7 drops of oil

Step Four – Color to your liking

Steps Five/Six – Mix colors if you would like!


Enjoy making and sharing your sugar scrubs with family and friends!




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  • Erika Mcguire
    August 25, 2015 1:28 am

    This is a wonderful gift idea! My daughter and I already started preparing some of our Christmas decorations and gifts and this would be great for us to spend some more time together and create something lovely. Thank you for the idea!


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