Taste of China

This month we are introducing food from all over the world. This week, join us in tasting a little bit of China!


Meet Xuan Wu, or to how she introduces herself in the United States, Jade!

Jade is from the capital city of Lanzhou of Northwest province Gansu in China. She came to the United States to study horticulture for her masters and doctoral degrees at Texas A&M University.

In general, China has two staples to the major of their foods, rice and noodles.

“Each area of China has their own distinct type of food“ Jade said.

There are 8 famous culinary cuisines, one per each province of China. Jade lives in the region where the cuisine is known for their spiciness. During the typical winter months, it gets very cold, so the spicy food aids in staying warm and clearing sinuses.

In her hometown Lanzhou, the most popular cuisine is beef noodles. Beef noodles, also known as stretched noodles, can be made in various ways. However, the staple ingredients are yellow noodles, cilantro, red pepper, white radishes, beef, and clear soup from the bone of a cow. Mutton and beef bones are roasted, steamed, and braised in order to prepare the perfect flavor.

“The bone soup is cooked for 3 days prior to adding the ingredients so that the flavor is very rich, flavorful,” Jade explained.

After a meal is completed, a massive bowl soup is served for the table to share as what one would call a typical dessert course. Sometimes at fancy restaurants, fruit is served after a meal.

“There is not an appetizer, main course, dessert; everything is served together and everyone eats from the main plate with all the food,” Jade said.

What a beautiful thing it is to sit and share a wonderful meal with family and friends.

Hope you learned a little something about another culture today. Special thanks to Jade for all of the information!


Photo Resources:

Beef Noodles – http://www.echinacities.com/Lanzhou/city-guide/Gansu-Gastronomy-5-Must-Try-Lanzhou-Specialties


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